Underwood Horse Medicine

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  • Family-secret remedy passed down from generation to generation
    Underwood Horse Medicine is a family owned business operating out of Wynnewood, Oklahoma for the last 30 years. We provide a safe and effective wound care product that is reliable, economical, and easy to use. We will do everything in our power and within our knowledge to help you and more importantly help your animals. We’ve seen some unbelievable injuries healed with the medicine and are very excited to continue to provide the equine community with a wound care option that is effective and affordable. Thanks to the people who have supported us in the past, and who continue to support us in the future!

    Proven. Fast Healing. Money Saving. 

    The solution to having your horse heal quickly and easily.
    The Underwood Horse Medicine topical wound spray benefits include:
    • Extraordinarily fast healing
    • Saves money
    • Time-saving
    • Easy to use
    • Versatile