Aluspray Aerosal Bandage

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  • Aluspray permits a fine mist of aluminum to be produced permitting complete covering of lesions. This film protects against dirt and insects. Aluspray allows the wound to breathe, will not wash off with water - but is easily removed soap. Aluspray is permitted under FEI and HRA regulations. Recommended as a protective barrier against external irritant agents in small and large animals. To use, clean the area to be sprayed and cover by spraying a thing layer of powder. Note that this product is not for use on open wounds. Avoid spraying in animal's eyes. This product stains; avoid contact with hands and clothes. 

    • Aerosol bandage
    • Powdered aluminum
    • Protective barrier against external irritants
    • Not for use on open wounds
    • Avoid contact with eyes, hands and clothes
    • Note that this product stains