Large Round Bale Slow Feeder - Openings

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  • EcoNets occupy & satisfy horses by slowing & extending hay consumption, the smaller amounts allow their digestive systems to work properly, thus better utilizing the nutrients in the hay. Helps prevent and relieve respiratory issues, ulcers, cribbing, colic, stall vices, stress & boredom.

    ~ Large - fits bales 6x6 to 7x7 or 1600 to 2100 lbs
        For the bigger bales

    Please transition horses onto the nets with loose hay for 3-5 days when 1st starting out ( or when introducing any new hay net, as the new nets are stiffer & feel different from their old net ) to keep horses curious and not frustrated. You can even pull the hay loose inside the net and start pulling it out in several spots to help them catch on to using it. Each day lessen the amount of loose hay until they are eating comfortably from the net.

    * Check the net daily initially & regularly thereafter, to fix or repair any holes immediately with the twine provided or even a zip tie/baler twine to prevent any further damage. If you leave any holes open, you are letting them know it's okay to do that.
    ** When doing repairs, if they have created a bigger hole, use a repair kit to make a patch the size of the hole and use the twine to weave the patch onto the net so you don't just pull the hole together, making the net smaller over time.