Tea-Pro Wound Spray

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  • A rapid-acting, easily-applied, non-greasy healing spray utilizing nature's most effective remedies. It includes tea tree oil, comfrey, myrrh, goldenseal and aloe vera. It offers first aid healing, treatment of open wounds, punctures, lacerations, cuts, sores in the mouth from bits or teeth problems, foot abscesses and other wounds involving the skin and underlying dermal tissue layers. 

    Essential Equine Tea-Pro Wound Spray is made with all natural ingredients and doesn’t contain alcohol.

    • Non-stinging, non-caustic
    • Anti-microbial activity (Tea Tree Oil)
    • Stimulates epithelial growth or skin closure (goldenseal)
    • Helps remove exudates from wounds for more rapid healing (comfrey)
    • Actually retards proud flesh and allows for an even bed of granulation tissue and
    • Can be used directly in open and deep wounds, including puncture wounds
    • Can be safely used on horses.