7.5" Straight Shank Correction Bit

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  • The 7-1/2" cheek style is next in the lineup. Extremely versatile, this bit can be used for training drills, pleasure riding, or competition. This cheek has a 2-1/2" purchase with a 5" shank. The shank is swept back, like the 6" model, but to a lesser degree, which offers more leverage and control. When properly adjusted, it is still considered a mild cheek, but one with plenty of leverage for control at increased speeds. The Low Port Barrel is a highly universal bit that works well for anything from training to pleasure riding to competition. When engaged, the low port provides tongue relief as slight pressure is applied to the bars of the mouth and to the palate. Each side works independently from the port for increased lateral flexion.

    Extremely Popular with performance riders and trainers. Taller port creates more palate pressure. Mouthpiece applies increase pressure to the sides of the tongue. Designed for finished, well broke horses of all disciplines