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Girls Music/Jewelry Box
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PRCA Roper Set
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Custom Saddle Ordering Guide
 A saddle is a long term and valuable investment for every rider. By choosing to design your own custom saddle, you can ensure your every need is met. For your assistance, we have provided many options below to consider with your order. Please make note of the features you want on your saddle when contacting us.
If you have any questions or would like to request a quote on a new saddle, please don't hesitate to contact our very experienced and knowledgeable staff to ensure your new saddle will meet your expectations.

Type of Saddle
Frontier Association Saddle Frontier Ranch Cutter Versatility Saddle
Association Wade Ranch Cutter Versatility
Reining Saddle Cutting Saddle Roping Saddle Barrel Saddle
Reiner Cutter Roper Barrel

Saddle Tree Measurements
Gullet Width of Tree Seat Length of Saddle Tree
A. Gullet Width
B. Seat Length

Smooth Leather Roughout Leather Natural Leather Color Chestnut Leather Color
Smooth Roughout Natural Chestnut

Saddle Skirt Shape
Standard Saddle Skirt Square Saddle Skirt Round Saddle Skirt
Standard Square Round

Saddle Seat Types
Suede Seat Smooth padded seat. Inlaid Bullhide Seat Stingray Seat
Suede Padded Smooth Bull Hide Inlay Singray Seat
Roughout hard seat. Ostrich Hide Seat Smooth hard seat. Suede & Ostrich Seat
Roughout Hard Ostrich Smooth Hard Suede & Ostrich

Tooling Styles
Saddle Tooling Options

Tooling Options
San Carlos Tooling Barbwire Border Tooling Rope Border Tooling
San Carlos Border Barbwire Border Rope Border
Oak Leaf Border Tooling Basket & Oak Tooling Basket & Flower Tooling
Oak Leaf Border
Basket & Oak Leaf Basket & Flower
Mini Basket Tooling Basket & Rope Tooling Floral Tooling
Mini Basket & Oak
Basket & Rope
 Rose & Arrow Barbwire & Rose Big Leaf Boarder
 Daisy & Spider Daisy & Waffle Deluxe Combo

Full Roughout & Double Knife 

 Oakleaf & BasketWildflower 
 Wild Flower & Arrow Wildflower & Waffle Old Time Flower & Basket

Seat Options
Inlay Seat Bicycle Seat Full Seat Hard Seat
Inlay Seat Bicycle Seat Full Seat Hard Seat

Cantle Options
Rawhide Pencil Roll Cantle 2" Leather Cantle Rawhide Pencil Roll Cantle
Rawhide Pencil Roll 2" Leather Silver Laced Rawhide
Rigging Options
Inskirt Rigging Drop Rigging Plate Rigging
In Skirt Rigging D Ring Rigging Plate Rigging
Starburst Concho Tri Color Concho Berry Edge Concho Black Floral Concho
Starburst Tri Color Berry Edge Black Floral
Stainless Steel Slotted Concho Slotted Floral Concho Brass Slotted Concho Slotted Star Concho
Slotted Stainless Slotted Floral
Silver & Copper
Slotted Brass Slotted Star
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